Bruce Agte "The Glass Shop"
Antler “The Way I Figure It”
“Written After Learning Slaves in Ancient Greece and Rome had 115 Holidays a Year”
Richard Barsotti “Oak and Rail”
S.L. Berry “In a Restaurant with Walt Whitman”
Jeffrey Bolt “Among the Technocrats”
Jon Bracker “To the Staten Island Ferry”
Lesley Choyce “Eva on View”
“Lauchie MacDougall’s Wife”
Tony Cosier “Distances”
Kaviraj George Dowden “I Lay in Whitman’s Deathbed”
David J. Feela “The Hero”
Lorraine Ferra “Going Home”
David Gerry “My Mother Wore a Rose in Her Hair”
Charles Ghinga “Whitman: The Fisherman”
Cynthia Golderman “Working with Walt Whitman”
Fritz Hamilton “After a Morning at the Unemployment Office”
“Nothing Left”

“Off Season Letter”
“Slim Chance”

David Hilton “The Eye”
E. Jean Lanyon “the keys”
“old mr. cain”
Thomas Lisk “Logo Traubel”
Rosemari Mealy “Blueprint (For Alex)”
“The Hands Which Spoke – For the Eyes that Could Not Hear”

“Quiet Victories”

Douglas Morea “Song of the Sweeper”
Sheila Murphy “Jones’ Berry Farm”
Tommy Olofsson (Translation by Jean Pearson) “Untitled”
Jean Perason “A Wisconsin Shaman”
John C. Pine “Block Island”
Patti Renner-Tenna “Alienated Labor”

“Good Foundation”
Suzanna Jaworski Rhodenbaugh “Down in the Colver Mine”
Nicholas Rinaldi
“Dodge City Saloon”
“Jogging My Mile”
“Lexington, N.Y.”
Kevin Sheehan “Winter Triptych”
Kathleen Spivack “Lady Carpenter”
Ulrich Troubetzkoy “Waiting for Walt Whitman”
Paul Weinman “Mountainsides You See”
“We’d Seen Him Walk”
David Zeiger “Walt Whitman Walks Manhattan, 1842”