Brian Carr – “Walt Whitman, 1987”
Matthew Carr – “On Riding the Staten Island Ferry for the First Time”
Robert Cooperman – “Martha Darbanville Arrives in Oregon, 1854”

Jim Cory – “At Whitman’s Tomb”
Sharon Cumberland – “On Brooklyn Heights Promenade”
R. W. French – “Walt to Ezra”
Eliot Katz – “As I Stand Before Your Grave, Camerado”
Steve Kowit – “A Whitman Portrait”
Dan Murray – “Another Lesson”
Gary Pacernick – “To Walt Whitman”
Margaret Stuart – “Launch Pad”
Eric Trethewey – “Periphery”
John Tritica – “The First and Last Reading”
A. D. Winans – “Poem for Whitman"