ISSUE 3: 1981

Table of Contents
Second-Born Son – Gary Miranda
Prologue from The Three Kingdoms – John Lane
An Interview with Dan Hoffman – Frank McQuilkin
Connecticut Avenue – Eric Nelson
Buckeye Road in Cleveland Meant the Gulls – M.F. Hershman
A Whitman Man – John J. Soldo
Travelogue – Bernie Earley
Mrs. Franz: Mother Earth’s Daughter – Jim Bogan
An American Song – C.A. Smith
An Unsent Letter – Edit Segal
A Fine Excess – Dan Gerber
Breaking the Hypnosis
– Peter Hohesiel

The Caller of Birds – Lawrence Hayes
from Breaking the Net – Marc Widershien
Walt Whitman, My Contemporary – Jack Lindeman
Ezra’s Pact – Robert Sargent
And Theirs, To Remember Them – Judith Offer
Anthology – Joanne Seltzer
Researcher – Ida Fasel
A Symposium on Whitman – Kathryn Greenwood
At the American Anthropometric Society, Walt Whitman’s Brain is Dropped on the Floor – David Citino
American Poetry – Sanford Pinsker
Patient, Noiseless Spider Inside My Campus Mailbox – Sanford Pinsker
With My Heart’s Chalk – Lasse Söderberg
Letter to W.S. Kennedy – Walt Whitman
from The Adventures of Pome – William Pitt Root
Two Stanzas from Dozens – David R. Slavitt
Beginning the Garden – David Walker
Walt Whitman – Ruben Dario
The American Stream – Lois V. Walker
What Whitman Taught O’Casey – Robert G. Lowery
Bringing It toYou With Full Hands– Nancy G. Westerfield
In Morgan’s Hall – Ennis Rees
To Walt Whitman – George Bishop
Last Tribute – E. Louise Mull
The Night Whitman Died – Stephen Knauth
A Whitman Oral History – John Browning
Escape from the Lost City – Franz Douskey
Meeting the Ghost of Walt Whitman – Paul Rice
Virginia State Pen Blues – Joseph Lisowski
Walking – Judith Minty
A Celebration for Whitman – Gary C. Busha
In the Park – Janet McCann
Poetry and the Noise of Traffic – Gerald Parks
In New Jersey Once – Maria Gillan
Walt Whitman Breathes Here – J. Lawrence Lembo
What Whitman Would Have Seen Sunday – Martin Tucker
Borrowings – Roger Mitchell
Map of Fortune – Ron Atkinson
Revisiting a Beach in Maine – Len Roberts

Walt Whitman: A Life, by Justin Kaplan by James M. Cory
Who Touches This: Selected Poems 1951-1979, by Robert Hazel by Eric Nelson

Cheryl Brown
John Farrell
William Hoffman
John Tyrell
John Giannotti
J. Lawrence Lembo
Rose Maruca
Shelley Thorstensen
John Rothfork: Image 1 and Image 2

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