Centennial For Whitman Richard Eberhart

To Walt Whitman
Kate Britt

The Magic Badge Or, Song of Myself 100 Years After
Norman Friedman

Populist Manifesto: To Poets, With Love
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Loading the Revolver with Real Bullets
Paul Fericano

A.D. Winans

City Lover
Kathryn Greenwood

The Walt Whitman Shopping Center
JH Bowden

Yet Another Poem Addressed to Walt Whitman
Michael Rumaker

A Hoosier Song of Walt Whitman
Norbert Krapf

Camden: A Visit to Whitman’s
Robin Hiteshew

[Untitled] Elmira Bussey

Democracy in Coal Country
Barry Sternlieb

Robert Vas Dias

Blade of Grass
William Ooandasan

Love Song to the Earth
Juniper Violet

the monument
Gail Kadison Golden

“Not Till the Sun Excludes”
Ernest Stefanik

Try Sheet
Henry Petroski

New Jersey
Lyle Tatum

Federal Street at Night
Sharon Olds

Carolyn Carson

Before I’m Awake
Sandra Hoben

Lines for W
John Mann

Avenue of the Americas
Barbara Adams

A Student Apologizes
Candice Warne

On Studying Whitman Indoors
Jeanne Lohmann

For Walt Whitman
Lolette Escoe

Lunch with Allen
Jim Farrell

Ode to the City Bus
Charles Taylor

Fred Johnson

On Comparing Whitman’s Leaves with Uncle Nick Grindstaff’s Tombstone Mile 398, Appalachian Trail
Jeff Branin

God, Do I Love Reading Walt Whitman
Jeff Branin