ISSUE 1: 1979

Table of Contents


Introduction – Geoffery Sill

Centennial For Whitman – Richard Eberhart
To Walt Whitman – Kate Britt
The Magic Badge Or, Song of Myself 100 Years After – Norman Friedman
Populist Manifesto: To Poets, With Love – Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Loading the Revolver with Real Bullets – Paul Fericano
America – A.D. Winans
City Lover – Kathryn Greenwood
The Walt Whitman Shopping Center – JH Bowden
Yet Another Poem Addressed to Walt Whitman – Michael Rumaker
A Hoosier Song of Walt Whitman – Norbert Krapf
Camden: A Visit to Whitman’s – Robin Hiteshew
[Untitled] – Elmira Bussey
Democracy in Coal Country – Barry Sternlieb
Brooklyn – Robert Vas Dias
Blade of Grass – William Ooandasan
Love Song to the Earth – Juniper Violet
The Monument – Gail Kadison Golden
Not Till the Sun Excludes – Ernest Stefanik
Try Sheet – Henry Petroski
New Jersey – Lyle Tatum
Federal Street at Night – Sharon Olds
Walt – Carolyn Carson
On Comparing Whitman’s Leaves with Uncle Nick Grindstaff’s Tombstone Mile 398, Appalachian Trail -- Jeff Branin
God, Do I Love Reading Walt Whitman – Jeff Branin
Before I’m Awake – Sandra Hoben
Lines for W – John Mann
Avenue of the Americas – Barbara Adams
A Student Apologizes – Candice Warne
On Studying Whitman Indoors – Jeanne Lohmann
For Walt Whitman – Lolette Escoe
Lunch with Allen – Jim Farrell
Ode to the City Bus – Charles Taylor
America – Fred Johnson

[Untitled] – Doris Neale

from the Introduction to the Penguin Leaves of Grass -- Robert Creeley

The Cellar – Eleanor Ray
Gerard Manley Hopkins Meets Walt Whitman in Heaven – Philip Dacey
A Whitman Encounter Paul Fericano


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